Torpedo Factory: Target Gallery Presents- Disconnect

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October 5 - November 3, 2013

Reception: Thursday, October 10, 6-8pm • Artist Talk at 7pm


"Does technology bring us together or give us a false sense of belonging? Target Gallery explores the social impact of technology with the exhibition"


Juror Statement by Phil Hutinet -

"Unlike other calls for entry that I have seen recently (even among those with a unifying theme), an uncanny similarity existed among the submissions for "Disconnect". Submissions centered around the notion that social media disconnects individuals from one another, from themselves and from society. The reification of technology through the ubiquitous use of mobile phones and electronic communications would normally suggest that individuals find themselves alienated from society. Yet, if one is to observe what this group of artists has submitted, quite the opposite seems to be taking place. In fact, artists suggest (almost unanimously) that social media, rather than alienate people from society, gives users a false sense of belonging, an overwhelming feeling of control and in many ways, a "god complex". Rather than inject my own criteria for selection, I sought works that could build an exhibition on the notion that a fundamental disconnect exists between the perception of control through networked technology and the reality that we have actually abdicated our ability to truly find ourselves, understand one another and how truly separate we are in our current age from essential quotidian activities such as eating, finding shelter and protecting oneself."